Why Does My Heater Smell Like It’s Burning?

Many homeowners are getting ready to switch on their heaters for the season as we approach winter and temperatures begin to drop. However, you do not like being hit with an unpleasant burning smell when you turn your heater on, expecting it to warm up your home. Don’t worry if you find yourself in this scenario. Some smells may indicate a potentially dangerous problem that needs immediate attention from a professional in heating repair near me.

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons for that burning smell

Some of the most common reasons for the burning smell from your heater are:

  1. Dust on the heater
    Dust accumulation on your heater is the most common cause of a burning smell when you first switch on the unit. For homeowners who reside in an area with frequently changing seasons, the heater is unlikely to be used all year. Dust gathers on it during the months when your heater remains untouched. When you switch it on after a long span of inactivity, the dust starts to burn off, producing a burning plastic-like smell throughout the house.

  2. Debris in the heating system
    Something likely fell into your HVAC equipment or into the ductwork the system employed when it was not in use. Try to confine the burning smell to a particular area if you have central heating with several vents throughout your home. Check for the debris trapped in the heating system as well. Sometimes, the odor may be due to something trapped inside the vent.

  3. Dirty furnace filters
    Maintaining your gas furnace is essential for preventing a burning odor from escaping your heater. If your furnace has dirty filters or the air vents in your system are clogged, mold or mildew could form inside your heating system. Thus, when you turn on your system for the first time, you may notice an unwanted burning smell.

  4. Damaged or broken electrical wiring
    If your heater has a burning electrical smell, you may have a severe electrical problem. The electrical wiring in your heating system can damage over time due to normal wear and tear or bad installation. If your wires are faulty, it can result in a damaged heat transfer, scorching of the blower motor, and a range of other problems that you should avoid. Such issues can be harmful and should be handled only by a skilled professional. If you suspect an electrical problem is causing your heater to smell like it is burning, turn it off straight away and contact the best electrician near me to fix the issue.

How to avoid the burning smell from your heater?
The easiest method to avoid an unpleasant burning smell is to schedule regular maintenance service by an HVAC specialist. Thus, perform furnace maintenance at least once a year, and in some cases, twice a year.
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