Tips to Get Your Heater Ready for Winter

The winter of LA can take a toll on your heater. Moreover, dust and dirt accumulated in the vents or filters can make your heater struggle. This struggle, in turn, can cause it to increase the electricity bills and wear out the components. So, this makes it necessary to incorporate preventative maintenance in your yearly schedule.

Also, What Other Tips Should You Know To Keep Your Furnace All-Set For The Winter?

  • Keep Your Filter Clean: If your furnace’s air filter isn’t clean and unclogged, it might lead to the furnace struggling to produce quality air. It can also lead to the circulation of dirty or dusty air in the house, which is bad for health and harmful for respiratory diseases.

    Additionally, a dirty air filter can crank up your electricity bills and burn a hole in your pocket. The best solution for this is to change it every 90 days, as recommended by experts. You can also try to clean it, but you can change it altogether since it is relatively inexpensive. Doing this ensures the hygiene and efficiency of your furnace.

  • Check Your Vents, Ducts and Pipelines: Ensure no obstruction is there in your vents or ducts. Also, brush off the dust in the vents since it can later circulate in your house and lead to health issues. Check the pipelines and clean them thoroughly before the heating season starts.
  • Clear The Area Where Your Heater Is Kept: Having hindrances near your heater can increase the chances of a fire. It can also disrupt the airflow from the registers. So, ensure that nothing is kept around the heater, or your unit might struggle more to heat your house.
  • Get A Cover For Your Condenser: If you own a conventional furnace or heater, buy a cover for your furnace which will stop the build-up of ice in the condenser coil. It will also protect it from winter and prevent dirt and dust build-up. However, this works only for conventional heaters or furnaces, so make sure you know the difference!
  • Calibrate And Check The Thermostat: Your thermostat may also need recalibration after a long season of being off. However, you should make sure that you contact expert HVAC professionals to have a look at your thermostat. It consists of complex electrical connections and needs professional attention. That being said, keep your thermostat in top-notch condition as it is the heart of your furnace!
  • Schedule An Annual Maintenance Plan: Opt for an affordable maintenance plan to keep yourself relaxed and warm. The technicians will inspect your heater and figure out potential problems. This is extremely helpful, and you do not have to worry about anything!

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