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Ductless Installation In Mansura, Marksville, Bunkie, LA and Surrounding Areas

Professional Mini Split Ductless Installation in Mansura, LA

Ductless Installation In Mansura, Marksville, Bunkie, LA and Surrounding AreasWhen it comes to home heating and cooling, the most versatile option is a mini-split ductless system. These compact, yet powerful, HVAC units are growing in popularity. If you’re ready to replace your old HVAC system, consider the many benefits and then, remember Service Air & Electrical. We’re licensed experts with vast experience in mini-split ductless installation in Mansura, LA. Contact Us Today for Ductless Installation In Mansura, Marksville, Bunkie, LA and Surrounding Areas.

What Is a Mini Split Ductless System?

A mini split ductless system is a type of HVAC system that relies on an exterior unit and multiple interior units that work together to keep the home cool. Instead of the heated or cooled air being pumped through a web of ducts, the air is distributed by the individual interior units. That means each room’s temperature can be set and controlled without affecting other rooms.

When Are Mini Split Systems the Right Choice?

These types of systems are appropriate for a variety of applications. For example, if your home doesn’t have ductwork, a mini split is perfect for you. Likewise, if you want to heat and cool certain areas in your home, such as a suite of rooms or a single room, a mini split is a good idea. In other words, they can be used in just about any home.

Is Professional Mini Split Installation Necessary?

Despite the fact that mini split systems seem to be less complicated than central HVAC systems, they’re still complex machines. It’s always better to leave any type of HVAC installation to a licensed, insured professional. Not only can you be assured the installation will be done properly and safely, but the manufacturer’s warranty may also require professional installation to be valid.

Get a Quote for Mini Split Ductless Installation in Mansura, LA

If you’re interested in learning more about how a mini-split ductless system can benefit you, or find out how to have one installed, contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote for a new system.

4 Reasons You Should Look for Professional Ductless Installation Services in Mansura, LA

Are you planning to enhance the temperature zones in your house? Or have you built a new home in Mansura? No matter the case installing a ductless HVAC system is an exceptional decision. The system can compose of several or single indoor air handlers plus an outdoor compressor. The indoor air handlers will be responsible for cooling or heating various zones on your Mansura, LA home. The following four reasons explain why seeking ductless installation in Mansura, LA is a good idea.

Ductless Systems Will Save You From High Utility Bills

Purchasing a ductless unit is an investment in terms of energy saving. Moreover, you will not have to incur expenses repairing energy-wasting leaks that usually occur in the ductwork. Moreover, you employ zoning to avoid the use of energy in cooling or heating unoccupied rooms.

The Systems Operate Quietly

In most cases, debris and leaks cause banging and whistling sounds. Additionally, if your ducts are infested with pests, you will hear scurrying and squeaking sounds. But with a ductless system, the ductwork will be absent. Consequently, you will not have to worry about annoying sounds.

Enhances the Quality of Air in Your Home

Bacteria, dust, or pollen can ruin the air quality inside your house. In worst cases, it can result in health conditions such as allergies. A ductless system will offer multi-stage filtration. Consequently, cleaning the air and drastically reducing allergens that may be present indoors.


A ductless system is less pricey than a centralized one. Consequently, you will spend less when you hire ductless installation Mansura, LA services. Although it is a cheaper option, it functions effectively as the traditional system.

Service Air & Electrical Co has vast experience in installing and maintaining HVAC. In case you are looking for professional ductless installation Mansura, LA services, call our experts today. We guarantee to meet your preferences and needs.

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