DIY Of Furnace Annual Maintenance

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. Here are some simple maintenance tasks you can perform before searching for a heating and air conditioning near me to keep your furnace working well. These DIYs are a pretty low price to pay for a worry-free winter of warm, cost-effective comfort.

Follow these instructions carefully, and if you’re unsure, seek professional assistance from a HVAC specialist.

Step 1: Turn off the Gas and the Electricity

The electricity must be shut off to ensure that working on the gas furnace is safe. Place the electrical power switch on the breaker box in the “Off” position. After that, find the gas valve and turn it off with a 14-turn, and you’re ready to clean.

Step 2: Clean the Outside Surface

Remove the gas burner lid. Vacuum the burners and the furnace’s base using the shop vac. Check for any soot deposits that could indicate a poor level of combustion during this cleaning operation.

Step 3: Take out the Blower Unit and Clean It

Remove the bolts carefully. Don’t damage the counterweights or wiring on or around the fan blades. For difficult dirt deposits, use the little stiff brush, and for general cleaning, use the vacuum. It’s critical to clean the blower unit uniformly. If one side is unclean, the machine will become unbalanced.

Step 4: Cleaning the Igniter

If you have a hot surface igniter, use extreme caution, this part is delicate and can be easily broken. Replace the furnace doors once you’re done to keep these pieces safe.

Step 5: Cleaning the Flame Sensor

After cleaning it with an emery cloth and reinstalling it, you’re ready to continue with your cleaning. For cleaning, gently pull the flame sensor down and out of the bracket, or remove it and clean it with a sanitizing solution.

Step 6: Inspection of the Drive Belt

Blower belts can tear or break over time, so it’s vital to replace them regularly. Because a replacement belt can cost as little as $10, it’s a good idea to replace it regularly.

Step 7: Apply Lubricant

After cleaning and removing the oil covers, lube the blower motor unit and shaft bearing with light machine oil. Use simply a few drops of oil to keep things operating smoothly.

Step 8: Replacing the Air Filter

Change the furnace filter every three months to safeguard your HVAC system from damage. The procedure is described in detail in the owner’s manual, along with the recommended air filter for your system.

Step 9: Examine the Burners

Examine the burner flames. They should be blue, even, and steady. When the flame becomes yellow, the thermostats are dusty and need to be cleaned or adjusted.

Step 10: Adjusting Dampers

Heating ducts that simultaneously serve as air conditioning ducts can be seen in many homes. To get the optimum performance, you’ll need to adjust the dampers to fit your seasonal setting.

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