5 Signs Your AC Is Low On Refrigerant

A Freon leak is one of the most common issues your air conditioner can experience. Freon, most commonly referred to as refrigerant, works at home by removing warm air from your AC and relocating it outside. A Freon leak can lead to low efficiency and performance issues, and it can also lead to serious health issues if exposed to as well.

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Here are the five common signs that indicate it’s time to replace your Freon

  1. Your energy bills are too high
    When ACs are running low on refrigerant, the strain on your cooling unit increases. The extra effort put to run requires extra energy to perform, which can lead to a spike in the utility bills.

  2. It takes too much longer to cool off your home

    If you notice your AC is taking longer to cool your home than before, you might be low on Freon. The job of a refrigerant is to absorb heat in the air. If you do not have enough Freon in the cooking unit, it won’t work efficiently.

    You may also notice warm air coming through the vents if you have a dirty outdoor unit or problems with the compressor. Check if the thermostat’s fan setting is ON instead of AUTO. Set it to AUTO and if the problem persists, call an HVAC technician. You can always call us for all your HVAC needs.

  3.  Ice on refrigerant lines

    Your refrigerant line could be covered in ice when the unit has low Freon. It is due to low pressure in the system. When refrigerant levels are not high enough, a pressure drop significantly decreases the temperature. It drops so low that the evaporator coil freezes.

    When this happens, AC coolant travels through the refrigerant line and causes the moisture in the air to freeze. This forms ice. There are chances that other causes can cause the underlying problem. You should get the system inspected by an experienced technician to diagnose the problem better.

  4. Strange noises from the system

    When you hear a bubbling or low hissing sound from your AC, this might indicate a low coolant level. The refrigerant lines are packed with pressure, which, if it causes a leak, can lead to such sounds produced.

    A properly working cooling system should never be low on Freon. If it is low, it’s probably due to a coolant leak.

  5. Water leaks around the heater

    When the ice accumulates on the refrigerant lines melts, water can puddle near the furnace. This water can then start dripping on the floor or into the furnace. You should never let water on the floor near the furnace.

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