10 Most Common Problems That Plague Furnaces

Being an expensive appliance, furnaces need a certain level of attention to ensure they do not require repair presently. In addition to this, furnace repairs are best dealt with when you bring in those ‘HVAC contractors near me’ to take a look at it as soon as you find the problems. 

For this reason, homeowners must keep an eye out for various problems that may appear in their furnaces. These include problems like: 

  1. Limit switch issues
    The limit switch can be incapacitated to run properly causing issues with the blower and subsequent damage to the furnace. Therefore, you will have to bring in professionals offering ‘heating and air near me’ to replace it.

  2. Improper heat cycling
    The furnace may be turning on or switching off more frequently than it should. Technicians will either change the air filter or carry out more complex repairs if the situation gets worse.

  3. Continuous blower issue
    As mentioned before, an issue with the limit switch can cause problems with the blower. This can also occur if the thermostat is not calibrated properly or the temperature is too high.

  4. Unclean flame sensor
    If this safety feature is dirty, it will mean that the furnace is unable to heat a room effectively. To replace it, you will have to look into “HVAC contractors near me”.

  5. Release of gas smell
    This can happen if there is a gas leak within the furnace. Not only will this mean that your system will be unable to efficiently heat a room, but it is also a major health hazard. This may require you to hire emergency heating and air conditioning near me.

  6. Noise in ducts
    A noisy furnace or ductwork can be a result of an improperly adjusted pilot light or an unlubricated blower motor. Both these issues will require professional intervention.

  7. Non-functional pilot
    A pilot light that is usually responsible for ignition may have issues when there are drafts or clogs present within the heating system. 

  8. Unusual burner flame
    Burners usually give off a more bluish colour when the furnace is running and there is no dust obstructing it. However, the collection of debris in and around the burner will impart a yellow tinge to the flame indicating the need for cleaning.

  9. Cluttered furnace area
    If the area around the furnace is cluttered with a significant amount of furniture or other objects, it can hinder the functioning of the furnace. Hence, there will have to be around two feet of space on all the sides of the furnace.

  10. Non-uniform heating
    If the furnace is unable to heat certain parts of the home while providing adequate heat to other parts, it can be because the air filter is clogged. It can also be due to the clogging of vents from where air passes into a room. 

Therefore, all these problems can be effectively handled by any capable technician offering their repair services. You will be able to find such technicians at Service Air and Electrical Co. Whether you notice the above issues in your furnace or other problems, call 318-563-4271 for more information today.